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2007-09-06 - 2:33 p.m.

Ever done comedy in killeen before? No one has, at least not at a comedy club; on a tree stump or at the railroad, maybe, but never on a stage. Until there was me. Tonight I am going to the comedy bucket/hole/factory/lodge/whatever to make people laugh.
What kind of people? Who knows?
What makes them laugh? Odds are few things that make me laugh, but it is good money and not too terribly far away.

Last weekend was laborDay and if there was any doubt in mind the water is as hard as rock at certain speeds, I have collected data to confirm rockyness. 70 mph jet ski accident nearly took my life. Instead it left me with lump on my ass and a loss of ability to tie my left shoe. Lesson learned.

On my mind today:
1 Do I consider my days rewarding?
2 Could I actually make a run at this company and leave comedy behind?
3 I care greatly for but do I love my girlfriend?

1.) No there is a blandness to my daily routine. I used to stay out late and see my friends. Such days are few and far between...I could use them back.

2.) No...i said it out loud and the answer is no.

3.) She is great, and great for me...but I am not a really where I want to be nor is she. Hopefully, we can get there together. Be of assistance to the cause.

Heard anything funny lately? No me. I think I just need to keep/start writing. My skills have diminished.

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